10 Tips to Strengthen Weak Nails

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Having weak nails can be really frustrating- both for aesthetics and for simple tasks like opening cans! Plus, broken nails can be extremely painful depending on how deep they go.…

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Winter Empties 2021

Over the course of the winter, I mostly finished skincare products since I haven't been doing my makeup much. As you guys probably know, I do try to finish even…

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How to Preserve Your Hair Dye

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One of the most frequent complaints about hair dye is that it washes out too easily, particularly the fantasy/mermaid/rainbow hair colors. Pastels are a major culprit, as well as reds.…

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New Makeup February 2021

There wasn't anywhere near as much new makeup this month as last month, but there were a few things I got a chance to try! Most of what I used…

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