2019 Favorites: Makeup

In 2018, I managed to do a 6-month and 12-month version of my yearly favorites, but last year that didn’t quite happen. So I pared it all down as much as possible so that I could give you the best overview of my favorites from last year as I can!

There will be 2 more posts in this series, one for haircare and one for skincare. This one is the longest and have the most items in it, but the other two will be significantly more manageable. Check out what my favorites for the month are!

Hanalei Lip Treatment in Rose

This one may be cheating a little bit, but it didn’t become a favorite until this year so I’m counting it. I’ve had this lip treatment for a while but didn’t like using it ever. But I’ve found it’s perfect to use right before I start my makeup every day to make sure my lips are ready by the time I put lipstick on at the end.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation

If you’re looking for a great budget medium-full coverage foundation for dryer skin, this is the best option you’ll find. It’s got a ton of shades and it’ll keep your skin from drying out if you want a good bit of coverage.

Elf 16 hr Camo Concealer

This concealer somehow covers my dark circles while also not drying me out. And it’s only $4. Drugstore makeup has been on point this year!

Urban Decay Born to Run palette

After a lot of thought, I bought yet another Urban Decay palette this year. Obviously it paid off since this is the only true high-end makeup on my favorites list this year! I adore all of the jewel tones, the packaging, Urban Decay’s buttery formula, everything. It’s a great travel palette and can create looks from neutral to bright to smokey.

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Tinted Lip Treatment in Tickled Pink

Don’t want to wear lipstick but want some color? Physician’s Formula has your back. This is essentially a tinted lip balm. It looks like a standard chapstick but has a sheer wash of color to add a little something to your lips.

Elf Lock In Liner and Brow Pomade in Espresso

I’ve heard that if you can find this in your shade it’s a decent dupe for the Anastasia brow pomade. Since I’m not great with brows and brow items, it seemed like a good idea to work with something a little less expensive until I learn to do my brows. It’s actually a solid color match for my brows, and goes on beautifully.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Elixr Glow Palette

When I initially made this list, I had at least three more highlighters on it. Unfortunately, to make this whole thing more concise, I decided to pick just one best highlighter for the year.

This mini-palette has two beautiful shades, one champagne with a touch of pink and the other is just a light pink. They’re beautiful, glowy with a stunning formula that works better than any other on my skin.

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

The primary reason I’m so impressed with this is that I actually enjoyed wearing a lip gloss. I usually can’t stand wearing lip gloss but this is a great formula that I don’t mind wearing. And it’s a great color to wear either on its own or topping a matte lipstick.

Morphe Mist and Set Setting Spray

I’ve tried the Urban Decay All Nighter and I have to say- this is actually better. It has a fine mist that holds my makeup in place and melds it together. It never sends out oversized droplets, and holds so much better than the Urban Decay.

Elf Brow Pencil in Deep Brown

Initially, I was going to try to pick between this and my other brow product. But I love them both for different reasons! This was the first brow product that I used that was both a shade match and a good formula for me. And one of the first products I’ve repurchased not once, but several times. It’s great for filling in blank spots to tidy up a natural brow.

Makeup Revolution Emily Edit palette

Buying this palette is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It helped me change my mind on drugstore eyeshadow! It can do everything from neutral looks to bright colorful looks. And the formula is absolutely amazing. This one is best for someone who needs help getting out of their comfort zone.

LA Girl Color Correcting Concealer

Color correcting is an absolute must for dark circles as intense as mine. This brand has the best range of shades that I’ve seen in (and out) of the drugstore. It’s so much better than a palette if you’re just using it for yourself. The formula is more concealer-like so it’s easy to put on as well.

Whew, that was a lot! I hope you find some new gems in my 2019 favorites. Stay tuned next week for some skincare!

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