2019 Resolution Overview

In case you don’t remember, last year I made a few beauty New Year’s Resolutions. Since 2019 is almost over (??!!??), I figured I’d go through and update you on my progress here.

Commit to Using Palettes More – Win

Even though I’ve continued purchasing palettes, I’ve been committing to my makeup more overall. In the past couple of months especially I’ve been better about making a point to do my makeup. Do I have to? No. I just enjoy doing makeup and enjoy using what I have. So I decided to try doing my makeup more. And I’ve actually been able to do so!

Make Visual Changes to Blog – In Progress

I don’t want to call this a complete fail because I’ve been working on this during the course of the year. I’ve got a domain and a site set up, I just don’t have it all pretty like I’d prefer it. And I haven’t migrated over to it yet. Moving to a new house in November kinda threw a few things off, but it’s been amazing so I’m not upset at all!

Dial In On a Skincare Routine – Changed

I realized that I loved testing skincare too much to really focus too hard on an exact set. I’m somewhat still doing that, but mostly I just look for products that I like and that work well together. It’s too much fun to just give it up.

Make Myself an Office Space – Win

Major win here, thanks to the new house! I’ve got my own office with a desk, a vanity, and storage for my art supplies, makeup, and work-related stuff. It’s not 100% done yet, but I’m almost there. It still needs some decorations, I’m in the process of still getting a bunch of random boxes out of here, and we’re still waiting on Internet service in the house but overall it’s set up!

Mastering Falsies – Major Fail

Okay maybe not a complete fail, but I fell off there at the end. I’m mostly capable of application (aside from the inner corners of the things) but wearing them for long periods of time gives me headaches and I rarely wear them still. I’m improving and improved, but not perfect by any stretch.

What beauty resolutions did you have this year? Did you succeed at them? Let me know in the comments!

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