5 Palettes for Christmas Looks [Shop My Stash]

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As we come up on Christmas, we start seeing Christmas and Holiday themed events and parties (even if right now they’re just via Zoom). Holiday parties mean holiday makeup!

And even if you’re not going to any parties, you may just be excited to do holiday makeup looks!

Here are a few palettes from my own personal collection that would be great options for a Holiday look!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry palette is a great red/pink option for an assortment of holiday makeup looks.

As you can see above, you can get a range of holiday looks from light, neutral looks all the way to maroon smoky eye looks. My favorites shades for a holiday look include Caution, Ambitious, Devilish, and Privacy.

One caveat about this particular palette is that it does not have a true red. A true red would have definitely been great for the holiday season but it’s a solid choice if it’s one you already have.

Makeup Revolution Precious Stone Emerald Palette

This Makeup Revolution Palette might be the ultimate Christmas palette!

You can get absolutely any kind of holiday look from this palette whether it’s a red and green Christmas look, or even a shimmery lidded dark smoky eye.

Copper is a stunning shade for a red lid, while Indigo or Vivid would be a great Green lid shade. There are mattes for both a red look AND a green look. Chromatic, Kyoto, Funfair, and Primitive together would be a great smoky eye.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

The original Chocolate Bar palette is a great neutral palette with a few splashes of gorgeous holiday colors.

Obviously, you can get a gorgeous neutral look to compliment a red lipstick or a bright outfit from this palette. However, Cherry Cordial is a beautiful shade to use as a splash of Christmassy color.

Between Semi-Sweet and Triple Fudge, you can get a great brown smoky eye, and with Creme Brulee or Gilded Ganache on the lid to add a splash of gold shimmer.

Makeup Revolution Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette

The entire purpose of this palette during the holidays is a dark, silver lidded smoky eye to pair with a bright red lipstick.

While the shade Reputation may not look like much, it’s a gorgeous matte black. Paired with Brownies, Cookie dough, and Infinity (which is a majorly pigmented, glittery silver).

Usually, I pair that with my Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Snow White, but any cool red would look great.

Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette

This last palette is a great travel option for a great day-to-night neutral selection of looks.

This palette is perfect if you’re able to do any travelling this year and don’t want to take a large makeup bag.

The white, gold, and red shimmer shades are great statements. The two browns are great in the crease, and the dark brown/purple shade will deepen anything up. You can also use that one as a liner!

These are a few of my personal palettes that I feel would make pretty Christmas or holiday makeup looks. What palettes do you have that you like to use around Christmas? Let me know in the comments!