5 Tips to Make an At Home Manicure Last

Often, it’s too expensive or time consuming to get regular manicures from a salon. However, it is possible to make an at-home manicure last for around a week or so without chipping. If you use decent products and take a few extra steps, your manicure will last longer than you’ve ever had it last before! And you get self care time to boot.

Prep Your Nails First

Before you paint your fingernails, it’s important to make sure to remove old polish. Then trim the nails down to your desired length and file them into the shape you prefer. Personally, I just round them off and file down any sharp edges. If you can, it’s also really helpful to buff the nails to allow the polish to hold better. Also make sure to prep your cuticles.

Use Base Coat and Top Coat

Using base and top coat are a huge help in preventing your nail polish from chipping. Nail polish doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it’s definitely worth investing in both of these. I recommend the OPI Base Coat and the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. Even with a $2 nail polish, those two hold everything together really well.

Let the Nail Polish Cure Between Coats

Nail polish doesn’t actually dry, it cures. So any little tricks to help it “dry” faster such as running under cold water or using a hair dryer don’t work to speed things along. Letting your nail polish cure between coats allows the polish to actually harden all the way through. If it doesn’t, it will be a lot easier to dent and scratch the polish while it’s on your nails. The Seche Vite topcoat helps things cure quickly.

Take Care of Your Cuticles

You have to be careful of your cuticles while you paint your nails. They’re the natural barrier between your nail and your finger, and thus can help keep your polish from chipping at the bottom of your nail. Make sure that your cuticles are pushed down properly, and use cuticle oil regularly (especially after a manicure!). Also, don’t trim your cuticles!

“Cap” the Tips of Your Nails

This tip really made a huge difference for me. When painting your nails, paint the end of your nail, ‘capping’ it, to keep it from chipping quite so quickly. Just doing that extended the life of my manicure by a couple of days. It really helps!

I hope these tips help you as much as they did me! Have any tips for improving the life of an at home mani? Let us know in the comments!

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