My name is Chelsea, and Mugs and Makeup (or M&M for short) was born out of my newfound(at the time) love for makeup, beauty YouTube, and too much free time. My day job is in marketing- essentially doing what I do here! So I bring all of that expertise in writing, digital marketing, social media, and more to this blog to ensure that you guys get the best.

Mugs and Makeup is a great space I created when I found myself shut up in my tiny, 700-ish square foot house all the time with nothing to do. I had just moved, was between jobs, and my husband was using our one functional car to commute an hour away for work. My need for something to do was absolutely dire. I’d picked up an interest in makeup a couple of years previously as I was coming up on my wedding. At first, I just spent an incredible amount of time on YouTube. I loved Get Ready With Me style videos, and I tried on any number of occasions to film one.

Unfortunately, YouTube was not to be. And that’s okay! When YouTube fell through, it seemed like the next best thing was to write. Since I absolutely love writing, a blog sounded ideal. The name comes from my insistence on having a cup of coffee or tea with me while I put my face on!

In the past two years, I’ve been working hard to improve my website, my writing skills, and my social media usage. It hasn’t been one of the easiest journeys (a self imposed deadline is harder to meet than I expected), but I’m so proud of what I’ve created here.

I hope this blog can both entertain and teach you what you need to know.

May your brushes always be clean and your wings be sharp!