Battle of the Dupes: Too Faced vs Makeup Revolution

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Since I saw the launch of the Too Faced Dew You foundation, I’ve wanted to try it. My dryer skin means that if I want fuller coverage, I’m better off to go for something hydrating to avoid looking cakey and gross. However, it’s fairly tricky to get hydrating and full coverage both at the same time.

I did get my hands on the Dew You foundation (Thanks TJ Maxx!) and realized I’ve been using its dupe for the past several months: the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation.

While there are a lot of similarities between the two, I feel as though there’s a clear winner between them. Let’s go through the the similarities and differences between these two foundations.


The primary difference in the packaging style is that the Makeup Revolution Foundation comes in a glass bottle while the Too Faced one comes in more of a flexible, plastic tube. Both come with plastic pumps that work well and don’t dispense too much product.


Overall, they both perform about the same. I’d say the Makeup Revolution foundation has slightly more coverage available to it, but they feel very similar on the skin. They both provide a highly hydrating/glowy look to the skin that can be calmed down with a matte powder if you so desire.

Both are extremely long wearing, and neither oxidize noticably on me.

Shade Range

The Too Faced foundation has 20 shades, and they lean a little bit more pale than many people might wish. The Makeup Revolution one has 50 different shades with a pretty stellar shade range.


Makeup Revolution is $12, Too Faced is $36.

Other Notes

One unique thing about the Too Faced foundation is that it’s supposed to have a cucumber-watermelon scent. I haven’t really noticed it in mine. I’d also like to note that the Too Faced foundation also is a shade too dark and a bit too warm for my skin. I don’t know if they have a shade for me, but they didn’t at the TJ Maxx I bought mine at.

So overall, my preference (even if I had the right shade) is for the Makeup Revolution foundation. What do you guys think? Have you tried either of these? Do you think they’re a good dupe? Let me know in the comments!