Best Places to Buy Nail Products

Nail care has been such a fun addition to my beauty regimen, and I’ve enjoyed getting to learn more about where the best places to buy good nail care are! My goal is to get the best prices possible, so that’s taken into account when I made my decisions.


Target is probably the best place for beauty products in general thanks to low prices and a better selection than any Walmart I’ve ever tried (at least for beauty). Most Target stores have a whole wall of nail products from nail polish to tools. They have my very favorite topcoat there (Seche Vite) as well as the Tweezerman brand for tools.


This is where you go for high dollar brands and more unique ones. They carry the common brands like Essie and Sally Hansen, but they also have ones like OPI (though Kroger carries OPI apparently as well). They also have the best selection of tools and kits.

T.J. Maxx

Here we come to the true gem on this list. TJ Maxx often has OPI nail polishes sold at a pretty intense discount. They also have other high end brands such as Laura Geller nail polishes as well! Their selection of tools is also pretty incredible. But they’re the best place if you want to try high quality polishes or base/top coats without spending as much.


These drugstores also tend to carry a better selection than a local Walmart. And they’re usually about as available as a grocery store, and more available than Target. Their price points are about the same as well. It’s not my first stop, but it’s a great option if you don’t have easy access to any of the places listed above.

Where do you go to buy your nail products? Let me know in the comments!

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