Best Places To Find Quality, Plus Sized Clothing On a Budget

Finding plus sized clothing is difficult enough, but adding a budget into the mix as well can make it almost impossible to find something to wear that you feel comfortable in that won’t break the bank.

But it’s not impossible! Here are some of my favorite places to find good Plus Sized clothing on a budget.

Old Navy

While their in store offerings are getting slim, Old Navy has a great selection of plus sized jeans and activewear. While their bras aren’t always the best option for cup sizes over about a D doing high impact work, they’re good quality and wear well. One of my favorite types of jeans comes from Old Navy!

If you’re interested in simple tee shirts or sweatshirts Old Navy also has decent options. They only go up to a XXL, but it’ll fit up to about a 20 or 22 at least.


I’m going to let you know before we go further here: Kohl’s is always hit-or-miss with clothes, and the inability to try them on makes them even more hit-or-miss. But if you’re willing to search, you can find some great items! My two most recent pairs of shorts came from there. They’re the perfect length (not super short but not Bermuda shorts either), don’t fit my legs too tightly, are mid-high waisted, have GREAT pockets, and are comfy in the waist and hips.

They do have a decent size range in store, but it’s hard to tell what the sizes are. I bought two pairs of pants in two different sizes and they both fit well. But their shirts are also pretty solid. Kohls has good blouses and dresses in particular as well!


This is one of the pricier options on this list. Maurice’s isn’t going to be the absolute cheapest, but they have a nice plus sized collection and they have particularly nice bralettes, shirts, and cardigans in plus sizes.

They also have decent sales sections, so keep an eye on those as well!

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant also isn’t particularly cheap, but they’re in the cheaper range and they tend to have high quality clothing. Their pajamas, blouses, dresses, and activewear are great across the board, and they’ve got decent sale racks and regular sales.

What Lane Bryant does best, however, are bras. While their bras aren’t cheap, they are around the same range as a decent quality bra for a smaller cup size. They have the widest range of band sizes that I’ve ever seen, and they go up to an H cup at least in cup sizes.


One of my favorite things about CATO is that they have almost everything in their smaller sizes duplicated in the larger ones. This is a great place to go for nicer clothing. Office/Interview wear, Sunday dresses, blouses, and skirts are the name of the game. CATO also has wide calf boots in store!

Sometimes you can also find some really amazing bonuses such as cute pajamas, good shapewear, or a more casual shirt. The best part? Their clearance racks are absolutely packed.


For secondhand clothing, ThredUP is a must! The online only consignment store has clothes from different brands and at many price points. If you already know your sizes fairly well, this is a good place to get high quality secondhand clothing. They have thousands of plus sized pieces in different sizes, so you’re bound to find something.

One thing to note, is that the clothes are somewhat seasonal. You’ll find the best deals on winter clothes in Spring and Summer, and the best deals on Summer clothes in Fall and Winter. Their stock is completely dependent on donations, so it’s not very surprising.

Finding quality plus sized clothing doesn’t have to be impossible! Do you have a favorite place for plus sized clothing at great prices? Let me know in the comments!