Build a Makeup Bag Pt. 2- Sculpting

So last time, we put together the first portion of our virtual makeup bag. The cost was $32.74 to $39.73, depending on your choice of a couple of products that had slightly more expensive alternatives. That was for your base products for your face!

Today’s portion of the makeup bag is your contour products. Products such as highlighter and bronzer. Now, this portion is a bit more tailored to personal preference. Some people don’t use some of these products. One good thing about these is that they can do double duty. You can use a bronzer and blush together to create simple eye look!


Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer – $3.99

I haven’t personally used this bronzer, but I’ve had consistently good results with Wet N Wild products. They’ve got good color payoff and are very easy to work with. It comes in several shades as well, so you shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding one that works with your skin tone!

Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Bitten and Bronzed – $5.90

Now this one I have used. I have it and it was one of the first bronzers I ever used. I still love and use it occasionally, but I hit pan and am very protective of it. But it’s got good pigment and blends super well. I’d love to replace it, but I got it in an Ipsy bag. I found it at Hot Topic’s website, but as of this writing it’s not in stock.


Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush – $2.94

Again, I’ve had insanely good results with Wet N Wild. I’ve never used this product either, but I’ve heard good things. It’s also a very reasonably priced blush overall. It comes in a couple of different colors, and it looks like a solid choice overall.

Covergirl Peach Punch Blush – $6.94

This blush is amazing. It’s heavily pigmented and has a tiny hint of sparkle. It also smells like sweet peaches! I’ve actually had more trouble with it being too pigmented. It comes in 2 colors, and I’d definitely recommend the lighter one if you’ve got a fair skin tone.


Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighter – $4.99

This is the best drugstore highlight on the market and no one can tell me otherwise. It’s incredibly pigmented, goes on smoothly, and makes you glow harder than a fresh glazed donut. This is one of my favorites- I have three different shades. It’s my everyday basic highlight.

Setting Spray

Mario Badescu Facial Spray – $7

I don’t use this as a setting spray, but I do use it as a toner, so this would give you basically two products in one. I’ve heard it’s great to set with though! It comes in an aloe scent, lavender scent, and rose scent, depending on your preference – the aloe has the mildest scent.

Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Fix Setting Spray – $9

This is probably my favorite setting spray right now. Makeup revolution has a lot of great drugstore products, but this is one I’ve enjoyed a lot! It holds my makeup for hours and also has the bonus of moisturizing my skin too. It gives me a slightly dewy look but not greasy or wet.


elf Bronzing Brush – $2

In theory, you could do everything with just this brush. Adding a highlight brush would help, but it’s not necessary. I’ve had a couple of elf brushes, and I was really impressed at the quality!

elf Highlighting Brush – $3.00 or elf Fan Brush – $3.00

This is a matter of preference. Some people prefer fan brushes, some prefer other products for highlighting. This isn’t 100% necessary, but it’s a huge help in doing your makeup.

elf Blush Brush – $2.99

Again, not a necessary product. The angled bronzing brush is cheaper and will do everything you need it to. But if you want a separate brush, this is a good one to go with.

So the total for this section is $20.92-$34.82, depending on how much you spend on the products. Total cost for the makeup bag thus far is $53.66-$74.55. Again, this is going to depend on how much you have to spend. You could make this cheaper if you decided to forego this entire section aside from setting spray. Do you have a ride-or-die version of a product on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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