DIY Makeup Storage on a Budget

If you need more makeup storage than you can get from a simple bag, things can start getting expensive. Most quality storage that’s designed specifically for makeup is extremely pricey, even on Amazon.

At that point, it’s time to start getting creative. But thankfully, with a little bit of ingenuity, you can create beautiful storage for your makeup! Here are some of the methods I use to find good storage.

Facebook Marketplace Furniture

If you really want a vanity, check out what you can find on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Often, you can find good wood furniture that doesn’t need much TLC.

I have a vanity from Facebook Marketplace that cost me $40. It’s real wood with some dings and scratches. I’m happy with it as is, but eventually I’ll strip it and refinish it and swap out the drawer pulls.

If you can’t find a designated vanity, a desk can be repurposed with an inexpensive mirror from Homegoods, Big Lots, or somewhere similar.

Spray Painted Plastic Drawers

While cheap, plastic drawers aren’t the most attractive, even the clear ones. But they’re a lot more economical than fancy drawers sets that you’d get on Amazon or something similar.

To dress them up, you can get spray paint and spray the drawers and/or the holder. Painting them can make them look so much classier!

If you want to get creative with it, try looking into using Washi tape as edging, using glitter spray paint, gluing plastic jewels on the handles, or even painting designs on different parts of the drawers with stencils!

I personally don’t have a painted drawer set for my makeup. My plastic drawers are just plain, but they’re also inside of my vanity and are thus invisible.

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Shop Storage at Thrift Stores

The other day I went into Goodwill because I was looking for a wire basket of some kind to hold my palettes. They were outgrowing the drawers and I needed something special for them.

Now, it’s a toss up as to whether a thrift store will have what you’re looking for. I, personally, got super lucky with a wire basket that cost me $0.99 and was in a style that I really liked.

You may not find something to your taste there. But it’s always a good place to look since you’re going to get really great deals.

Other items that are great for storage that you can keep an eye out for are desks (repurpose for a vanity), glass jars or pencil cups (to hold brushes), or just any form of storage

Craft Store Finds

Craft stores often have expensive, fancy baskets and other storage. However, they also have some great, cheap options as well.

Shop the clearance racks. Again, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s always a good place to check. Especially if you’re looking for boxes, baskets, or plastic totes.


Check out jars and vases. Michael’s in particular has a section where they have glassware of various styles. Some of the simpler glassware is really cheap, and is great storage for brushes or other implements.

If it’s too simple as it is, glue on some ribbons, beads, or gems. Glass also is a great medium for permanent marker! You can doodle on your jars with bright colors. And it wipes right off if you want to try something different.

You can also spice them up by using some of the brightly colored stones that these stores often sell for use in the bottom of vases or fish bowls.

Dollar Stores and Other Inexpensive Options

Places like Dollar General and The Dollar Tree have decent quality items that can be either used for storage as they are or can be used to decorate your existing storage.

For example, Dollar Tree has an entire section of glassware that’s fairly high quality for $1 a piece.

Plus, places like Walmart and Target often have clearance sections with deep discounts on already inexpensive items. These can be used either as they are, or you can redecorate or repurpose them.

While it can seem frustrating trying to store makeup on a budget, it’s easier than you’d think. It can even be pretty storage: not just boring plastic containers with no character. What are some cool things you’ve made for your makeup?

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