DIY Vanity and Recording Setup

Sometimes, you don’t have the money or the space to shell out for a nice vanity to use for makeup application and (in my case) recording my Youtube videos. When my husband and I moved, we lost some square footage, including a second bathroom. So I had to get pretty creative with my vanity setup!

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Here’s a picture:


If you can’t tell, the table is an old cedar chest. I’m pretty attached to both of mine, so I covered it with a soft, pretty blanket to protect it! Because of the lack of leg space, a stool would be ideal for sitting there, but I don’t have one so I used my husband’s guitar amp and put a spare pillow on it for comfort. Easy peasy!

The drawer set on the left was a gift from my grandmother when she saw that my makeup bag was too small. We got it from Walmart, but I don’t remember how expensive it is. On Amazon, it’s about $15! Top drawer is contour/blush as well as lashes/lash glue. Middle drawer is lipsticks and eye products (eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, mascara, etc). Bottom drawer is skin products (foundation, powder, concealer, primer).

Next to that is my palette basket, I got it for $1 at Goodwill! I keep palettes in there, as well as single shadows, my beauty sponge, and my headband!

The stack of books in the middle helps keep my mirror at the proper height. When I record, I move those books back and balance my laptop on them. The mirror’s lights become a set of lights used during recording. The mirror is an old vanity mirror that belonged to my mom when she was in college. I’ve used it off and on for several years. Here’s a gorgeous rose gold makeup mirror in a similar style!

On the right are my makeup brushes. The round vase was from Michael’s, purchased for something else that I ended up not needing it for. I just stand them up in there. I’ll probably get an assortment of smaller ones when my brush collection outgrows the vase! Also over there are my tweezers and my eyelash curler, as well as when I’m doing my makeup I set my coffee and my phone (to play music) over there out of the way.

Vanities don’t have to be those gorgeous Pinterest-worthy areas with every bit of your makeup on loving and expensive display. Those are great, but working within a limited budget or space forces creativity!

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