FabFitFun Fall 2019

It’s that time again! I loved this season’s FabFitFun box. It wasn’t quite as mind blowing as some of the previous ones but I’ve enjoyed many of the products in this box. This box was worth $274, which is a great deal still. Still worth the money for sure.

Plush Ultra Soft Fringe Scarf

This scarf is gorgeous. The blue plaid goes with so many looks, and the scarf itself is very trendy and soft. It’s warm enough for fall and winter, but it still works for those warmer fall days. I love that it’s big enough to be a wrap if I want to use it that way! This may be my favorite item in the whole box.

Kut from the Kloth Slim Striped Wallet

This one gets a ‘meh’ from me. I think the wallet itself is stunning, it’s high quality and beautiful. However, it’s basically impossible to get cards out of it. It’s definitely ended up being more frustrating than I expected. I’m definitely still using it, but it’s tricky to get access to my cards.

Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap

I do like this, but it’s definitely not made for shorter hair. I have collarbone length hair, and it’s tricky to wrap up. However, it does help my hair dry less frizzy! Over time it’s gotten easier as I’ve learned the tricks to making it work.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

I love these things. They’re some of the only eye masks that actually help reduce my dark circles in the 15 minutes you wear them. They don’t slide off a bunch either. I’ve had them before, but I ran out right around the time this box came in – perfect timing!

AVEDA Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

I like this, but it’s not something I really need right now. It conditions beautifully, and helps with damaged, dry hair. But I have a very oily scalp and this product did make that worse. It’s a lot liquidier than I expected as well; you don’t need much at all. Not a bad product, just nothing I need right now.

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse

No. Just no. I cannot stand these. The cubes are awkward and difficult to use, and there’s just too much scrub in one cube. There’s nothing to do with the extra, you can’t stick it back in the jar. The whole thing dries my skin out really badly, even lotion struggles to get the oils and moisture back in. The only good thing about it is the smell, but if any of the cube gets stuck on the bottom of your shower it will attract ants.

Human + Kind Body Souffle

Loved this lotion! It wasn’t anywhere nearly as heavy as I expected given that it was called a ‘body souffle,’ and I’m thrilled. It smells fresh yet somewhat fruity. It’s definitely moisturizing – great for my dryer skin- but not overdone. It sinks in basically immediately so I’m not left super greasy. Overall a solid lotion, though I’m unlikely to repurchase since lotion seems to be constantly appearing in my bathroom.

The Better Skin Co. Lava Magik

First and foremost, I love the smell! The scrub smells strongly of apricots and it’s amazing. It says you can use it as a cleanser, mask, and scrub. I tend to use it as a combo cleanser/scrub on my exfoliating days! It does a great job as a scrub, getting all of the dead skin off and leaving my skin soft. My only complaint is that it’s hard to get off of my face and hands, which ultimately ends up with me getting it on my contact lenses.

Do any of you guys get FabFitFun? What did you think?

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