Best of elf Cosmetics

Though they may have started as a low price AND low quality brand, elf Cosmetics has really blossomed in the past few years into a high quality brand. And they haven’t hiked up their prices at all.

For those who don’t know, elf Cosmetics is a beauty brand that started back in 2004. Their primary goal is to get high quality makeup into the hands of everyday users without the high price tag. They’re cruelty free and vegan, making those products accessible to the everyday user.

Best Products from elf Cosmetics

After seeing so many YouTubers raving about some of elf’s products over the recent years, I had to try them. They can sometimes be hit-or-miss, but in general their products are high quality. In the past couple of years I’ve found some real gems too!

elf 16-hr Hydrating Camo Concealer

For a $6 concealer, this is probably the best deal out there, especially if you have dry skin. The original Camo concealer is great, but this hydrating version is more comfortable and doesn’t take away a lot of coverage. As someone who needs high coverage under their eyes, this is vital.

The tube lasts a very long time with this concealer, you don’t need much. Like most full coverage concealers now, this one has an oversized doefoot applicator.

Ultimately, my only gripe with this product is that the shade selection is somewhat limited. While I do have a shade myself, there aren’t a lot of options for medium or particularly deeper skin tones.

elf SRSLY Satin Lipstick

Even with a very limited shade range, this is my new favorite bullet lipstick formula. The wear is extremely impressive, even without lip liner. And it doesn’t smear when you eat or drink something like a lot of lipsticks can.

I have three of the ten shades. Creme is the lightest shade in the collection, a very pale neutral nude. Cider is basically if they made pumpkin spice into a lipstick. Taffy is a bright, rosy pink.

Overall, they seemed to pick shades that a wide variety of people would like. There are a couple of reds in the collection, a deep brown, etc. Nothing particularly out there like a grey, a neon shade, or other non-traditional lipstick colors.

The lipstick is a really smooth bullet, and the pigmentation is pretty stellar. They don’t look like they have as much product as other bullet lipsticks, and the packaging is clear plastic. But the $3 price tag makes the rest of it worth. And the packaging is decent despite being plastic instead of metal.

elf Holy Hydration Eye Cream

This has become my favorite drugstore eye cream! It helps brighten up my eye area, but it also moisturizes the whole area really well. I don’t feel like it clogs my pores either.

Unlike most eye creams, this one actually puts a dent in my awful dark circles. I use it with the Caffiene Serum from The Ordinary and it helps reduce the appearance of the darkness.

elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Deep Brown

While this isn’t the only elf brow product I use, this is ultimately my favorite thanks to ease of use. It’s a simple pencil that glides on, but stays still once you set your face.

You can do hair strokes, but it fills in just as well. The spoolie at the end does a great job blending everything neatly into your brow. The look with this brow tends to be more natural than sculpted.

It’s a great color match for me too, most brow pencils are too warm for me. This one is a cool dark brown that matches my eyebrows exactly. My only issue is that the pencil doesn’t last very long. However, considering that it’s only $3, it’s a good trade.

elf Ultimate Blending Sponge

I switched to this sponge right after having gone through two beautyblender sponges, and I wasn’t looking forward to swapping. However, this has been one of my best purchases.

I much prefer the cut off shape of this sponge (it’s similar to the Real Techniques one) to the teardrop of the beautyblender. You can more easily get into smaller spaces but also spread lots of product.

The sponge is extremely soft and expands to at least double its original size when dampened. It doesn’t absorb product excessively, especially when you clean it after (or before) each use.

elf Bite Sized Palettes

These surprised me with how great they were. The Bite Sized palettes were a set of palettes that each had 4 shades, 1 matte and 3 shimmer. Surprisingly, there’s enough there to get at least a couple of looks from each one.

The quality of the shimmers and mattes is awesome! The shimmers have enough pop to be a gorgeous lid shade, but buff out enough that you can use them as crease colors. If you want a quick, easy look in a palette that you don’t have to think about much, or you travel a lot and want to shrink your makeup bag, these palettes are perfect.

My personal favorite is Rose Water, a rosy quad with a pop of deep purple that can help add some depth to a look if you want. It also can function as an eyeliner. Mint to Be is another gorgeous quad that creates a pop of minty green across the lids with some gorgeous mint crease shades.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of elf’s best products though. Their powder face products seem solid across the board. I had a hard time only picking one brow product too, I alternate between the Brow Cream pomade and the Instant Lift brow pencil.

What are your favorite beauty products from elf? Let me know in the comments!

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