How To Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

It’s happened to everyone… a late night studying, partying, or even just hanging out late followed by an early morning can cause some really bad dark circles. Even allergies can cause dark circles!

Given that I have the allergy kind, I’ve learned the hard way how to conceal dark circles on a given day. Here is the method that I’ve found to help cover dark circles.

Step 1 – Eye Cream

First thing to do is to make sure you carefully moisturize under your eyes with an eye cream. You want to make sure your skin is ready to accept the products you’re about to apply. If you have any puffiness, now is the time to address it with an eye roller of some sort, or even a pair of cold, damp teabags.

If you have chronic dark circles, my favorite eye cream is the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye cream. It actually helps tone down the darkness before you even add anything else.

Step 2 – Under Eye Masks

This is an optional step, but great if you either don’t have an eye cream or get dark circles commonly. Personally, I’ll use them on a day when I have a special event to feel more pampered and help my makeup sit better. Many under eye masks target puffiness and darkness. My favorites are the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks. I have seen them make a difference!

Step 3 – Color Correcting

After I’ve primed my skin, I do a color correcting step. What color you use really depends on both your skin tone and the shade of your dark circles. If you circles tend towards purple, you’ll want a more yellow color correcter. If they tend toward blue, you’ll want a more orange/red/pink toned corrector. Palest tones will want the lighter, pinker tones, where the darker your skin is the more you’ll want to lean towards orange and/or red.

I use a very light amount here and blend it in with either a brush, a finger, or my beautyblender (depending on the day). My favorite is the LA Girl Concealer, which has basically every shade of corrector you could want.

Step 4 – Foundation

Once I color correct, I put my foundation on. I do put foundation on under my eyes, but not a lot. Again, this is buffed out with either my fingers or a beautyblender.

Step 5 – Concealer

Now for the fun stuff. If you have super bad dark circles, you’re going to want to opt for a concealer that’s 1) fairly full coverage and 2) about 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone(or at least your foundation). Lighter concealer will brighten up the area under your eyes and help mask the circles if it’s fuller coverage.

What I do is use my elf Camo Concealer and put one single dot under my eye. I’ll buff this out with my beautyblender only. If I need more, I can build, but most high coverage concealers can get cakey fairly easily. Usually I don’t need more than a dot.

Step 6 – Powder

Once you’re done there, go ahead and lightly dust powder across your face. This includes under the eyes. You can use a less matte powder, but the powder will help set everything so it doesn’t run off. My favorite powder is the Pretty Vulgar Matte About It Setting Powder.

Step 7 – Finishing Everything Off

Go ahead and do the rest of your makeup now. Make sure you use setting spray! Using a white or pink liner in your lower waterline really helps open your eyes up, and avoid smudging dark brown/black/navy/purple shades on your lower lash line: those will bring your dark circles back out!

What do you think? Have any other tips? Let us know in the comments!