How to Use Glitter With Ease

When you’re trying to start using glitter eyeshadow, it can feel very overwhelming! It took me a while to be willing to try it because of a lot of fears including “what if it gets everywhere?” But I’ve definitely found some great tips to help make glitter accessible to anyone!

Don’t Use Loose Glitter

If you’re new to glitter, find a different method of dispensing it. There are entire palettes full of pressed glitter such as the Beauty Glazed palettes. Or, if you want them in with other shades or formulas, check out Colourpop’s pressed glitters in their more recent palettes. Colourpop also has glitter gel!

If those aren’t up your alley, try liquid glitter from brands like elf and Stila. These come with simple applicators and are the simplest application method for glitter.

Put Eyeshadow and Glitter On Before Face Makeup

Putting your eyeshadow on before your face makeup means that if you do get glitter everywhere, you can use some makeup remover to get it off. This works for any flaky eyeshadow as well! Another option are shadow shields, though I’m not sure how effective they are for glitter.

Use Glitter Primer

Every form of glitter except the liquids (and the glitter gel) requires glitter glue. It’s a more sticky primer that will help hold the glitter on: not a true glue. A thin layer of this will keep any glitter that doesn’t have self adhesion on your eyelids. The NYX brand one is solid in my experience!

Remove With Tape

This sounds super weird, I know. But it’s the best way to remove your glitter without finding it all over your face and clothes for a week. Just take a piece of scotch tape (if you’re nervous, stick it on your hand first to remove some of the stick) and place it over the glitter. AVOID YOUR EYELASHES. Then pull it off gently to get a majority of the glitter off. The last bit will come off with your makeup remover.

Hopefully this made glitter a bit less intimidating! What are your best glitter tips? Let us know in the comments!!