Boxycharm January 2020 Reviews

This month’s Boxycharm was one of the best ones that I’ve ever gotten. Basically every single product was amazing and worked beautifully. It was worth $159 total, with no dud products whatsoever.

Without further ado, January’s Boxy!

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Definitely a huge fan of this product aside from the texture. The smell is reminiscent of watermelon candy. The texture is a little weird, it doesn’t quite want to come out of the jar. But once you get it on, it sinks into your skin quickly, giving it good moisture for us dryer skinned folks. I tend to use it as an overnight mask every few days, and it helps keep my skin bright and moisturized. It doesn’t get all sticky all over my sheets and pillow, but works all through the night. Overall a pretty great product!

Ace Beaute Vintage Dawn Palette

Yet again, Ace Beaute creates beautiful, pigmented shades that blend together well. The color story is very unique, it reminds me of the 1920s or Great Gatsby, as does their palette packaging. You can create some stunning looks with this, and it has some really gorgeous shades overall. What makes this one even better is the huge mirror in the lid.

Grande Cosmetics GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara

This mascara looks surprisingly awesome on me! It curls as well as thickens and it makes my lashes look 10 times better. The brush is an hourglass style one that lifts and separates my lashes without clumping them. It’s not a great lower lashline mascara as it makes my lashes a bit too much there for my preference. But other than that it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used.

Wander Beauty Trip for Two Bronzer and Blush Palette

Initially, I loved this palette. However, as I used it, I realized that the bronzer was only barely dark enough to do anything for my skin. As I’m super pale, that’s a bit odd. It’s a good vaguely glowy bronzer, particularly if you’re willing to take some time to build it up. It’s cool enough to be used as a contour as well. The blush is peachy and glowy, and it looks gorgeous on the skin as well. Both of the shades are easy to blend into the skin and not at all blotchy.

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter in Fancy Pink Diamond

Bless this. For real. This is one of the best highlighters that I’ve tried in so long. Usually I’m not a high end highlighter person but this one is STUNNING. It makes me beam from space, as I prefer. The color is a pink with slight gold shimmer. It also doesn’t emphasize any texture at all! On top of that is the packaging. Packaging isn’t everything, but with this it definitely helps. I kept all parts of the packaging just because I liked it so much.

Love, love, love this month’s products. Such a great selection! Which product was your favorite?