Last Minute DIY Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Sometimes, it can be a bit expensive to purchase makeup or skincare products. Or, you can’t get your products shipped to you in a timely manner. In that case, you may want to consider making something for your beauty obsessed loved one!

Brush Holders

If your loved one has a vanity or another area where they store their makeup, they may appreciate something to hold and display their makeup brushes. An easy way to make those would be to find a plastic, ceramic, or glass pencil holder and perhaps write, draw, or trace words or other designs on them. Here are some examples! (images are linked from original source)

Face Masks or Body Scrubs

Often, you can make face masks and lip or body scrubs out of common kitchen ingredients (like this one). This in a simple jar tied with a pretty ribbon can make a great gift. They’re very easy to make, and you can easily make enough to share with many friends!

Self-Care Basket

If you make one of the masks or scrubs above, you can accent it with fun, inexpensive items to make a pampering basket. Perhaps a mug (Goodwill sells them for $1-2, and Target has them for $5) and a hot drink mix, a nail polish, a nice smelling lotion or hand cream, etc. They can then have a fun pampering night whenever they want!

Headbands or Scrunchies

Know how to knit, crochet, or even just sew a straight line? Headbands and scrunchies are easy gifts, and they’re great for helping keep hair out of your face while you mask or do your makeup. Find a guide that will work for what you have or what you’re capable of. Protip: don’t try to learn to knit or crochet just for a project like this, it rarely works out very well.

What last minute DIY beauty gift ideas can you think of? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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