Makeup Tips for Beginners

When you first start trying to work with makeup, it can seem daunting. There are so many products, so many techniques, and absolutely gorgeous eye looks on people who look like they’ve been doing makeup for decades. Where do you even start?

If you’re new at makeup, or if you’ve been doing it for a while and just want some ways to spice up your look, this post will help you out! I want to give you some options or suggestions of things to try to level up your makeup game.

Make Sure Your Foundation Works for Your Skin

I’m not just talking about shade here. Now shade is important – too light and you look like a vampire. Too dark and you look orange. But shade is only a piece of the puzzle

It’s so important that you make sure that your foundation works for your skin type. I hated the way my skin looked for so long- and it was because I was using a very matte foundation on dryer skin. Now, you can use a matte foundation on drier skin if you use the right one and prep your skin properly, but I was doing neither of those things.

If you have dry skin, a dewy or satin finish foundation is better. A mattefying powder can give you a matte look without drying your skin out, if you apply it lightly. If your skin is oily, a matte foundation tends to work better. If you want a dewy finish, find liquid highlighter or a glowy serum to mix in with your foundation.

Easy, Elegant Eyeshadow

One way to create a simple, yet elegant look is to use your face products as eyeshadows. Using the same products across your face creates a coordinated effect that looks like you spent hours on it even though it was effortless. It also prevents any tone issues between your blush/highlight/bronzer and your eyeshadow look.

Start with your bronzer and create some depth to your crease area. Not a lot, just a bit of shadowing Then take your highlighter or a single shimmery shadow and swipe that across your lid to create a gorgeous, glam look that is tied together with the rest of your face makeup. If you want a little bit more color, try adding your blush shade into the mix.

Blend, Blend, and Blend Some More

Blending is SO important. It takes time to learn, but in many cases it’s better to overblend than under-blend. Two places it’s very important to blend are on the edges of your shadows and where the colors overlap. Especially where colors overlap. Smooth transitions make all the difference!

If you’re having a hard time blending in general, look into some new brushes. If you’re having a hard time blending out the edges, find a shadow that’s a match for your skin color (or close) and use it to help smooth the edges of your shadow out. You can also use a lighter shadow for that blending to brighten up your brow bone.

Wear Mascara

Wearing mascara is a quick, easy way to make your eyes look larger and just in general brightens your face. The important thing is to find a mascara that works for your lashes and your look. Maybe you like lots of volume, maybe you just want length. Try different options and see what looks best on you and best suits your personal tastes.

And don’t feel like you have to try expensive ones to get a good mascara! Colourpop, L’Oreal, and Essence are some of my favorite drugstore brands with good mascaras. Even brands like Wet N Wild and elf Cosmetics are getting into the mascara game with some decent quality products. My personal favorite is the Essence Lash Princesss, which you can get at Ulta and some CVS drugstores. I’ve seen it in Target as well.

Don’t Neglect Your Eyebrows

Surprisingly, even a tiny amount of clear brow gel can make a huge difference in looking like you’re more put together than you are. If you have your brows shaped regularly (or do it yourself), just get a clear or tinted brow gel to brush through to hold the shape. If your brows are pale/barely there, a gel is a great way to give them some life without having to draw them on deliberately.

Bright Lipstick Can Make You Look More Put Together

In a hurry? Just spot conceal anything you feel like you need to, maybe throw on a BB cream and some mascara, then finish it off with a bright, fun lipstick. It doesn’t have to be super out there, but a more noticeable color than just a nude shade. You want to make your bright lipstick the focus of the face, which will instantly make you both look and feel more put together.

If you aren’t feeling very bold, choose a pink or mauve shade. If you are, try a red or burgandy/wine shade! You can even use this opportunity to try a fun shade you’ve been meaning to try such as purple, blue, or green.

What are your best tips for new makeup users? Let me know in the comments!

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