Making My Own DIY Coffee Scrub

Of all of the physical exfoliants for the whole body, I’ve found that just a straight coffee scrub works the best for me. However, those tend to be more expensive than a more standard sugar or salt scrub.

On top of that, all of the DIY recipes have sugar in them too! I just wanted a plain coffee scrub. So I decided to make one up myself!


The ingredients are simple: a can of cheap, ground coffee, some olive oil, and a bit of vanilla extract.

You can definitely adjust this recipe by using different oils than olive. I would say be careful with coconut, as it can clog pores. You won’t smell the olive oil, so it’s not a huge deal. With the coffee, you can definitely make this recipe more luxe by using more expensive or fresh ground coffee, but I don’t think it will make much difference.

You also don’t have to use vanilla extract. You can try coconut water for a summery scent to the coffee, or almond extract for more sweetness. Mint essential oils would be great for winter with a tiny bit of chocolate baking powder. Adding Pumpkin Pie Spice would make a great fall scent, alternately you could add cinnamon. If you’re acne prone, a couple of drops of a skin safe tea tree oil could help clear your skin.

If you want to get super fancy, grab some skin safe fragrance oils to add to the mixture! However, personally I’m looking for something I can make for myself really quickly in my kitchen. I wouldn’t buy fragrance oils unless I was giving away or selling the scrub.

Making the Scrub

Basically, I took a bowl and dumped a bit of coffee in it. I was testing the recipe, so I didn’t want to use a ton – it was likely around half a cup. Then I drizzled a bit of vanilla extract in it (1/4 tsp to start) and mixed it up. After that, I used olive oil to achieve the consistency I wanted (I used about 2-3 TBSP).

Your goal with consistency should be that the grounds stick together, but aren’t drenched in liquid. If you can’t smell your scent properly, add more extract/essential oils. Balance out excess liquid with more coffee grounds. Letting everything soak together a little bit before using the scrub will really help the oil and scent permeate the coffee grounds as well.

Experiencing the Scrub!

This recipe made a great scrub! One thing I love about it is how moisturized my skin felt afterwards. I usually exfoliate before I shave and because of that, need to moisturize after my shower. However, with this, I don’t need to do so.

That said, be careful what oil you use if you have extremely oily skin. It could clog your pores and defeat the purpose of an exfoliation.

If you try this recipe, let me know! I’d love to hear what you think!

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