Underrated, High Quality Makeup Brands

There are some brands with great quality products that just slip under the radar. They’re not the brands you’ll see in your Walmart or Walgreens, but you won’t really see them in Sephora either.

Some of them have just recently made an appearance in Ulta stores, but their primary sales are online. One of these brands is carried on the Sephora website, but not aren’t something I’ve seen in any of the stores I’ve been in.

While these brands may not be as popular as household names like Covergirl, Maybelline, or even Too Faced, they have high quality products.

Makeup Revolution

This UK brand is really common in British drugstores like Boots, but here in the states you can’t find it outside of Ulta for the most part. One of their sub-brands is found in Target stores though.

Makeup Revolution is high quality makeup at low prices, and was designed to be that way from the start. Their eyeshadow palettes are well curated and pigmented, their highlighters blind, and their face products give you a flawless base.

Another important thing to know about this brand is the large number of subsidiary brands that it has. The main brand is Makeup Revolution, but they also have XXXRevolution, I Heart Revolution, Revolution Skincare, Revolution Pro, and Makeup Obsession.


Thanks to Ipsy and other subscription services, I got a chance to try a couple of TheBalm’s face products. This vintage, pinup themed makeup line is famous for doing a few things extremely well.

They’re not prolific with their products, but everything they release is very well done. They leave out no detail, from the physical products to the packaging.

My favorite product is the Mary Lou Manizer highlight, or any other shade in that line. Kohl’s stores do have this brand (as well as a few others that you can’t find in other stores), but you can also order the full range of products online.


Colourpop is almost popular enough to not make it on this list anymore! They’ve really taken off in the past couple years. You can get some of Colourpop’s line at Ulta but a majority of it is on their website.

Their goal has always been to provide high quality product at low prices. In recent years they’ve teamed up with names like Disney, Sailor Moon, and Candy Land to create gorgeous collections. Colourpop is also highly prolific, launching at least one new product line or restock a month.

My favorite products are their eyeshadow palettes and their lipsticks. I have several of the Lux Lipsticks from the Disney collection, as well as the Truly Madly Deeply eyeshadow pallete.

Their Super Shock formula for face and eyes is another hit. The super shock shadows have a unique buttery texture that’s extremely pigmented! I have the highlighter in Flexitarian and the shadow in Lightning Bug.

Ace Beaute

This brand has some of the best eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever tried. They primarily specialize in those, false lashes, and brushes.

Ace Beaute’s palettes tend to show up in subscription boxes, but that’s it. They aren’t in any other stores that I know of aside from on their own website.

Their palettes are extremely pigmented, almost too pigmented for beginners. I have the Desert Dusk palette and it’s absolutely beautiful. I had the Grandiose palette until I gave it to someone. Their Oceanic palette is on my wish list!

Pretty Vulgar

The quality of this brand is good, but it’s the packaging that gets me for these products. The packaging is very feminine, but somewhat steampunk at the same time. You can get the line on Sephora’s website, and it’s fairly expensive.

But all of their products I’ve found are good to great quality, and they look beautiful. My favorite, holy grail setting powder is from this brand, the Matte About it Setting Powder.

What are your favorite underrated makeup brands! Tell me about them in the comments!

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  1. Aleeya Azimulla

    I love the Balm products!! They have really pigmented products as well.

    1. Chelsea

      They really do! I need to add some more to my collection

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