Matte Blush vs Glowy Blush

Blush in general is getting to be a really popular topic in the beauty community. I’ve especially seen a lot of people talking about glowy blushes recently!

But are glowy blushes best for you and your skin? Or should you be focusing more on the matte blushes to maximize your makeup looks?

Difference Between Matte and Glowy Blushes

Matte blush is a fairly self explanatory type: it’s a blush that’s totally matte. There’s no glow or shine to it whatsoever.

Glowy blush, however, has a lot more of a range. Ultimately, glowy blush is a blush that has some semblance of a sheen, shine, or glow when applied to the skin.

But the amount of sheen makes the line between blush and highlighter a bit fuzzy! And glowy blush for one person could just be a highlight for another. Some look like blushes with a satin finish, others look like a blush and glitter mixed together.

And not only that, there are even what’s called “blushlighters” which is a blush that’s so glowy that it might as well be a highlighter as well. Wet N Wild actually created a product called “blushlighter,” though some blushes such as the Milani Baked Blush could be considered a “blushlighter” as well.

When Should You Use Matte Blush?

Matte blushes have been fairly popular in the past. They just provide a wash of color across the face.

Most people can get away with these, though they’re particularly good for people with oily skin who are trying to control sheen or oils. If you have super dry skin, it may be prudent to avoid a powder or matte blush altogether.

Some of my favorite matte blushes include the Essence Silky Touch blush (in Babydoll), and the BareMinerals GenNude blush (in You Had Me At Merlot).

When Should You Use Glowy Blush?

Again, most people can use some sort of glowy blush, though it definitely depends on how glowy the product is! However, extremely oily people may want to avoid them, particularly liquid blushes. A glow in your blush can make you look oilier if that’s an issue you have.

Glowy blushes are great for a range of things. Liquid or cream blushes are great for people with extra dry skin. Mature skin can benefit from glowy blushes because it brings a ‘glow from within’ look to the skin: making it look healthier and younger.

My favorite glowy blushes include the Laura Geller Baked Blush-N-Brighten (in Tropic Hues) and the Covergirl Peach Punch blush.

Most days I prefer glowy blushes. I tend to blush up the apples of my cheeks and add a little bit of highlight as well since the they’re super prominent when I smile. However, I tend to use matte blush when I go full coverage/full glam.

Overall, it really depends on your skin type and your preferences!

Do you prefer matte blushes or ones with a bit of glow to them? Let me know in the comments!

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