My 6 Biggest Beauty Mistakes (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Over the years, I’ve made some mistakes while learning how to do makeup and skincare effectively. Most of them were simple mistakes because I didn’t know better. Some were stubbornness.

However, just because I made these mistakes doesn’t mean you have to. Some of these are fairly common mistakes, but others are a bit more unique to me.

Pumping My Mascara Wand

I’d go so far as to say that not pumping your mascara wand is the minority, even now. I believe that it used to be good beauty advice, and only recently have people started to realize that it’s really bad for your mascara. It dries your product out, and it won’t last anywhere near as long.

Since stopping that, I’ve been able to make a tube of mascara last a lot longer. Which, of course, saves money. Plus, dry mascara doesn’t look very good when you put it on.

Not Doing My Brows

When I was younger, I assumed that ‘doing’ my brows was a useless endeavor because I have such dark hair. I ended up being very wrong! I started off with filling my brows with a dark eyeshadow. Even just that made a difference!

Over time I’ve tried different products and techniques and found that no matter what I do to my brows, even if it’s just a little bit of tinted brow gel, it really finishes up a look! But if you take the time to really work on your brows with a good brow pencil/pomade, a spoolie, and some concealer, it levels up the whole face.

**Bonus: Keep your brows shaped too. Find a shape that you like, and get them done regularly. Doing them at home is fine too. Whether it be wax, tweezing, or threading, keep up with the shape!

Not Wearing Mascara

When I was a teenager, I hated mascara more than almost anything else makeup-wise. I was completely convinced that mascara didn’t do me any good and I was wasting my time while wearing it. Come to find out, my mascara was so dry that it wasn’t even going on my lashes!

When I bought new mascara and started wearing that, I was proven wrong. Very, very wrong. Many people, when they want to wear minimal makeup, just do some concealer (as needed) and some mascara. It opens up your eyes and kinda finishes up your face.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you feel like it doesn’t do much good to wear mascara, you probably need to curl your lashes. The lash curler from elf is absolutely stellar and cheap too.

Not Cleaning my Makeup Brushes and Sponges

Without a doubt, this is the grossest makeup mistake I was making regularly. I was so slowly migrating from just using my fingers for everything that didn’t come with an applicator to using brushes and sponges. I just never thought to clean them.

But when I started cleaning my brushes regularly I noticed the mild issues I was having with breaking out were almost gone! The easiest way to clean them is to scrub with warm water and dish soap.

Ignoring Skin Type When Buying Skincare Products

Oh do I have a story about this. I spent years thinking I had oily skin. When I ran out of my CC Cream, I bought an actual foundation, the Revlon Stay Matte foundation. And it looked absolutely awful on me. Because I actually have dry skin. Whoops. The foundation cracked and looked cakey. And it dried my skin out.

Using products that are wrong for your skin type can make a huge difference in what your makeup looks like on your skin. You don’t have to be all dewy if you’re dry or all matte if you’re oily, but just make adjustments to your skincare and your other products.

Not Setting Concealer

When I realized this was important, I was used to using setting powder, but I wasn’t too worried about where it went. And I usually used pressed powder. Setting powder was on the list of things I used because I thought you were supposed to, not because I thought it did anything for me and my skin. But setting my foundation well, and particularly focusing on my concealer has made a difference in how it wears!

Well, there we have it. My 6 biggest makeup mistakes. I hope that this helps you guys avoid making the same ones! What are the biggest mistakes you’ve made along the your makeup journey? Let us know in the comments.

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