My Favorite Makeup Tools I’ve Ever Tried

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Tools are such an important, yet underrated part of what makeup lovers need as part of their kit. It’s taken me some time to find some really irreplaceable pieces for mine, but I’ve used subscription boxes to try out new brands and tools over the past few years.

Here are some of my ride-or-die tools that I’ve found over time.

Note: This doesn’t count brushes. I have some amazing brushes too, but I have a separate post for those.

elf Cosmetics Eyelash Curler

Show of hands, who’s surprised that there’s an elf product on this list? No one? Kinda figured. I use a ton of good elf products. But this is the best eyelash curler I’ve ever tried.

I never wanted to shell out for a lash curler, so I was trying to find one in the drugstore that actually worked on my stubborn lashes. And this is the one!

My favorite thing about it is that it comes with extra pads for the bottom of the curler in case the top splits them. And it’s only $3! How can you beat it?

elf Cosmetics Total Face Sponge

And we’re back with another elf product. This is the absolute best sponge I’ve ever used! I like it better than the Real Techniques sponge and even better than the original beautyblender.

It’s super soft, and blends my makeup in beautifully. It works well with concealer, foundation, and even cream products like bronzer and blush.

At $6, it’s also a great bargain

Edje Beauty Shadow Switch

Speaking of dirty brushes, this shadow switch is amazing. I grabbed it at Burlington Coat Factory for like $4, and it’s been invaluable. I can make my brushes last longer between my hardcore cleanings if need be, and it has a lid so I can travel with it easily.

Makeup Eraser

While I’ve mostly been using makeup wipes to remove my makeup recently, I absolutely love my Makeup Eraser! I was extremely surprised at how well this works.

It literally lets me wipe most of my makeup off in one swipe. Usually, I have to scrub a little bit to get all of my mascara off, but that’s every makeup removing product. And then you just throw it in the washer and dryer and it’s back to normal.

Do you have any particular favorite tools? Let me know in the comments, I’m always happy to try new ones!