My Top 5 Favorite Highlighters

If you’re like me and want to glow from space, this is the article for you! Highlighter is my absolute favorite part of makeup at this point. Choosing my highlight is almost as hard as choosing my palette for the day.

These are my absolute favorite highlighters in my collection:

Wet N Wild MegaGlo highlighter

This is my all time favorite highlighter. I have it in a single and a 4-pan palette, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never found a color that was a dud! They’re blinding and amazing, yet they’re extremely inexpensive. They run about $4 each, and around holidays they’ll put out a palette at $12 or so. If you love a blinding highlighter that you can get at Walmart, this is your best bet.

Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution is an under-appreciated gem. This palette has 8 shades, 3 pressed powder and 5 baked shades. There’s a shade for every skin tone in there, and honestly these are some of the most blinding highlights I’ve ever tried. They come in all sorts of undertones as well. You can mix them for even more tones.

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian

The inner corner highlight you never knew you needed. If you’re looking at a picture of me and wondering why my inner corners are so bright, it’s this highlighter! It’s also very inexpensive, and it has the unique buttery formula of the Super Shock eye shadows. If you want to put it on your face, I’d recommend tapping it on with your fingers because very few brushes work well with it. Only really stiff ones work here.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Glow Mini Chocolate Palette

And here we are again with Makeup Revolution. This mini palette has two highlighters: a champagne and a pink. Both look great, and both can be blended out or packed on as desired. They’re also super pigmented, extremely bright, and glowy without being unnecessarily glittery.

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter in Fancy Pink Diamond

This highlight is a new fav thanks to Boxycharm. I wasn’t sure about it at first, I’d heard mixed reviews. But it’s absolutely stunning! It’s a duochrome pink and blue/gold shimmer that just blinds you when it goes on. It’s easy to get the product out, despite it being packed tight. it doesn’t have a ton of kickback, and the packaging is amazing!

Is your favorite highlight on this list? Let me know what your favorite highlighter is in the comments below!

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