My Top 5 Favorite Inexpensive Makeup Products

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Makeup can be expensive, but good makeup doesn’t have to be! I have some pretty awesome makeup that I’ve gotten from the drugstore for very low prices. Here are some of my favorite things!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation – $12

Makeup Revolution’s foundations are the cheapest yet most effective out there. This one is great for dryer skin because it can still build up to a more full coverage finish even though it has less coverage than the Conceal and Define.

elf Cosmetics Camo Concealer – $6

Holy Coverage, Batman! This is the best deal with the best coverage. I barely need a dot to cover my panda eyes completely so it lasts absolutely forever. And for $6? It’s the best deal on concealer out there.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner – $9

MR has such a great selection of products, and at lovely prices. This eyeliner is super black, easy to work with, and lasts a long time! The tip is very narrow so you can get a really precise line as well.

NYX Butter Gloss – $4

NYX’s gloss is the first lip gloss that I really enjoyed wearing. It’s not super sticky and it feels great on the lips. The shades don’t have a lot of color, it’s more like a tint with some sheen.

elf SRSLY Satin Lipstick – $3

And we’re back to elf products! elf is one of my favorite brands so it’s no surprise. This lipstick has great pigment and great staying power for a bullet. It’s extremely comfortable, and comes in some gorgeous shades. Stay tuned for a full review later this month!

What are your favorite inexpensive makeup products? Have you found some hidden gems in the drugstore? Let me know in the comments!!