New Hair Care Reviews April 2021

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As most of you know, I dyed my hair back at the end of January. Over time, it was brought to my attention that I’d actually somewhat fried my hair with too much developer/dye. So my ends were breaking extremely badly and it’s all super dry – except my scalp which has a ton of product build up from my well water.

After getting about 4 inches of breakage trimmed off at the beginning of April, I was given suggestions for two products to help my hair as it grows. And I love them!

Matrix Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm

This product is great for super dry hair, especially dry damaged hair. This is my first Matrix product, and so far I’m extremely impressed! I use this conditioner as a mask, usually I rub it into damp ends and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Once it’s sat in my hair, I rinse it out with cool-cold water to seal the moisture in. Treating my hair with this once a week really has helped!

After I use this, my hair is super soft and smooth. It has prevented further breakage from my fried hair too! I don’t love the smell (I’m not a fan of salon smelling products) but it’s not chemical smelling or anything. It’s also not stripping the color from my hair. My hair isn’t anywhere near as tangled, and it’s soft and smooth for days (even with using my normal shampoo and conditioner)

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two

If you need a clarifying shampoo, go with this one! It has done a great job on my well water buildup, and doesn’t even strip my dye badly. I used to immediately get oily hair when it dried because of all of the buildup on my scalp. I use this around once a week, but can use it up to every 3 days.

The light, lemon scent is actually really nice, and it doesn’t make my hair feel stripped down. I usually do this and my conditioning mask on the same day and my hair is absolutely amazing the next day or two!

Have you tried either of these products before? Let me know in the comments!