New Skincare Reviews May 2021

Skincare has definitely been the name of the game this Spring! There’s been quite a bit coming out, and I’ve been working on dialing in on the best balance of quality and affordable skincare that works for my skin needs. In that pursuit, I’ve been trying out quite a bit of new skincare.

Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Facial Wipes

These aren’t awful, but they’re not my favorite either. I don’t mind the smell, but there’s something added to the scent of the glow toner that makes it less appealing than the toner. The wipes are rather decent sized, and they’re excellent for a quick wipe down of your face.

While they’re decent at removing my makeup, they’re not the best by a long shot. Most of the other makeup removing wipes I’ve had have removed makeup significantly better.

If what you’re after is a quick (or travel friendly) alternative to traditional cleanser, these are a solid option. However, they’re not as great for removing makeup.

Neutrogena Age Shield Anti-Oxidant Face Lotion Sunscreen SPF 70

Overall, a solid sunscreen. The product protects my face, whether I wear makeup or not. But it’s not super greasy and absorbs well into my skin. However, when I do wear makeup, I don’t end up with a white cast on my face.

I haven’t noticed that it sits heavily on my skin, though it does get in my eyes unpleasantly frequently if I rub them at all. It also does have a fairly strong sunscreen smell. If you have oilier skin this might cause you trouble, though if your skin is more normal or dry you should be fine.

Ultimately I like it and will buy it again, mostly because it’s the best budget sunscreen for use under makeup that I’ve found.

elf Cosmetics SuperHydrate Moisturizer

This is probably the most unique moisturizer I’ve tried in a while. The texture reminds me oddly of Jello, but jello that gets its shape back after you crush it. While I don’t necessarily mind the texture, I don’t love it either. And it makes it difficult to get out of the jar. I feel like I need a spatula of some kind – but I don’t get one in the packaging.

However, for all that it works extremely well. Upon immediate application, it’s a bit sticky, but it sinks into your skin very quickly. It keeps my skin moisturized but doesn’t make it oily or clogged up. It’s also a really affordable product – particularly given how much comes in the package.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know below!