New Vanity Setup!

As I’ve mentioned a few times at this point, I recently moved into a new house. One of the most exciting things that happened when I moved was that I acquired an office space! Not only do I have a desk and a space to work, I have a gorgeous vanity that I purchased off of Facebook Marketplace.

As you can see, it’s got a massive mirror and some really stunning wrought iron detailing near the top. The three drawers on the side are actually a door that opens up to more storage.

Vanity Organization

On the desk itself you’ll see that I keep my brushes, a small mirror, my beautyblender, some lotion, and my primers and setting sprays. As well as a few decorations. When I get new makeup, it is placed up there as well so I’m reminded to use it sooner rather than later. I also am experimenting with having my new Storybook cosmetics palette up there as a decoration too. Haven’t decided.

In the central drawer I keep miscellaneous tools such as tweezers, lash curlers, lash glue, and lip balm. I also keep my lashes in there for safe keeping.

If you open the door on the left, you’ll see my old set of plastic drawers in there, my box of lipsticks, and my palette collection.

Future Plans

I plan on painting the vanity white to set off the wrought iron, and potentially swapping out the drawer hardware for something I like better. Eventually my goal is to get brush holders that match, and swap out that mirror for a HiMirror . I also need a chair too, I’m using a metal folding chair for both my vanity and my desk. Another thing I found to add to the vanity is a set of vanity/Hollywood style lights on Amazon that I can install to make it brighter over there.

All in all, it’s a great space that makes doing my makeup even more fun!

What does your makeup space look like? Let me know in the comments!

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