Products I Have and Will Repurchase Forever

I’ve noticed that repurchasing makeup, skincare, or haircare products is a fairly rare occurrence for me. There’s always something new to try! But over time I’ve discovered products that I’ll keep purchasing and enjoying because they’re just that good.

And those are the products that you want to share with absolutely everyone around. So here are my repurchased/repurchasing products!

elf Cosmetics Instant Brow Lift Pencil

elf’s $2 brow pencil is the best, easy brow pencil that I’ve ever tried. It’s inexpensive and lasts about the same amount of time as pencils costing 10x its price.

The shade Espresso is a perfect shade match for my natural hair color too, sometimes that’s hard to find in drugstore products!

With the spoolie on the end, this can be a great one-and-done brow product.

Origins GenZING Refreshing Eye Cream

This product is the only thing that has worked on my under eye area, no matter how many products I try.

I’ve always had awful dark circles. I wake up every morning looking like a panda. It’s awful.

But this product has made it a lot easier for me to conceal my dark circles. Even when I don’t wear makeup it makes my undereye area look a little better. The container lasts forever, and it’s a worthwhile splurge!

Seche Vite Nail Top Coat

Seche Vite is one of those ‘this can’t be real’ products. It’s supposed to dry down (or cure) your nail polish very quickly and protect the polish for quite a while.

Let me tell you- it works as advertised. Within 5-10 minutes after putting the topcoat on (I do it when my nails are sticky but not wet) I can do basically anything I need to do without denting, chipping, or moving my nail polish.

The bottle lasts forever and it’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as far as nail polish is concerned.

elf Cosmetics Hydrating Camo Concealer

Overall, this is my absolute holy grail concealer. The tube lasts forever, and it’s the perfect combination between comfortable on the under eye area and high coverage.

Even without a color corrector, this concealer will completely hide the horrible dark circles I’ve been dealing with for years.

It also comes with a large doefoot applicator that you can use to dot the product on your blemishes, darkness, or anything else you want concealed.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lipsticks

If you’re on the hunt for a lipstick that won’t move no matter what you do, this is the lipstick you need. It comes in quite a few gorgeous shades, and they’re only $8 or so each.

I keep buying more of them, but as of now I have 5 shades: Chai Genius (cool light brown), Voyager (Maroon), Loyalist (very light nude), Dreamer (light pink), and Huntress (grey-lilac). They even come in more fun shades like deep blue, assorted purples, and a black!

Here are five of my absolute favorite products that I either have, or plan on repurchasing in time. My absolute favorite ride-or-die products!

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