Summer Empties 2021

I’ve actually been doing my makeup! I finally started regularly putting makeup on this summer and my empties reflect that. I also went through more skincare and haircare than usual. I’ve been trying to do better about taking care of myself.

Without further ado, here are my empties for Summer of 2021.

elf Cosmetics Superhydrate Moisturizer

Price: $12
Repurchase: No
Details: I really didn’t care for this. The product was this strange jello texture, and it made my skin break out a lot more frequently while I used it. I did finish it because it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever used, but it wasn’t very good either.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

Price: $7
Repurchase: Doubtful
Details: While I don’t hate this product and would use it in a pinch, I much prefer the elf hydrating camo concealer. It’s got better coverage and feels better on my skin. However, if you can’t find your shade in the elf, this is a solid second choice.

Love Beauty and Planet Divine Definition Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: $7 each
Repurchase: No on the shampoo, possibly on the conditioner
Details: The shampoo is a sulfate free one that takes a TON of product to sud up. It’s really frustrating in general and I just don’t love it despite the smell. The conditioner however, was fantastic and did a great job. I’d buy this again, especially since my current one isn’t doing a great job.

Ulta Beauty Nude Matte Eyeshadow Primer

Price: $12
Repurchase: Most Likely
Details: I got to try a sample of this in an Ulta Beauty set and fell in love with it! It’s a great product in general and the tint makes my eyeshadow look great no matter what. It makes even low quality eyeshadow look good.

Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Face Wipes

Price: $4
Repurchase: Definitely Not
Details: These are not makeup removing wipes. I used them to remove makeup and they didn’t do a very good job at all. They’re not bad for when I don’t feel like washing my face, but a standard makeup remover wipe can also be used for the same purpose. They just didn’t work for me at all.

elf Cosmetics Holy Hydration Eye Cream

Price: $8
Repurchase: Possibly
Details: I like this quite a bit with The Ordinary’s caffiene serum, but I also am trying a brightening eye cream that may work better for me so I don’t want to claim this as holy grail quite yet. But I’d definitely use it in a pinch and it’s one of my favorites in general.

Artistry Studio Brow Perfector in Beach Brown

Price: $18
Repurchase: No
Details: It’s just too expensive for what it is. It doesn’t really impress me with the product, and the brush on it is really just too small and floppy to work with. Plus, the color is a little too warm for my hair shade.

Cremo Shave Cream in Classic

Price: $7
Repurchase: Nope
Details: I shave with men’s shaving cream, because I feel like it does a better job than any women’s shaving cream I’ve ever used. However, this one was a weird shave balm type product with no suds and I needed quite a bit of product to make it work.

essence Lash Princess Mascara

Price: $5
Repurchase: When I finish My Other Mascaras
Details: This is my very favorite mascara. It always looks good on me, no matter what’s going on with my lashes. It’s thin and separates my lashes out, curling them and giving them good volume. Once I finish the mascaras I have, this is going to be replaced.

Wet N Wild BrowSessive Brow Gel in Brown

Price: $4
Repurchase: Most Likely
Details: While it didn’t last as long as I would have liked, this is a solid product that I got good use out of for as cheap as it is. I am trying other brow gels from the drugstore but I doubt I’ll find anything I like better than this one.

The Body Shop Sugar Scrub in Mango (mini)

Price: $6
Repurchase: Probably Not
Details: While I love this and its smell, I like my OGX scrub better. I’m glad I tried it and I would definitely recommend it, I just prefer the OGX one because it comes in a squeeze tube instead of a pot (and smells like pink lemonade).

Wet N Wild Water Drop Primer in Rose

Price: $5
Repurchase: Unlikely
Details: While I love the way this feels on my face, I can’t get beyond the smell. They really didn’t do well with the smell on this one – it smells like herbs and dirt. I don’t know if the coconut or cucumber ones are better, but I don’t care for either of those scents so I probably won’t be repurchasing this.

There we have it, my Summer 2021 Empties! I can’t wait to see what I end up finishing this Fall. I’m hoping to finish up some products I’ve had for a while. What was your favorite empty product from this list? Have you tried any before?