Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Collection

If you guys are like me, you’ve spent a LOT of time at home recently. Many of us are turning to expediting our spring cleaning for something to do! Sometimes when you turn to your makeup collection, it can be tricky to decide what needs to go and how to get everything clean.

Wash Your Brushes With Liquid Dish Soap

This is my biggest cleaning tip of all time. There’s literally no need for an expensive blendercleanser, I use dish soap. My logic is this: if duckings can be washed in it, my brushes are probably safe! Invest in (or make!) some sort of brush scrubber that you can use over and over, and just get your brushes clean. This also works like a dream on my sponge.

Get Rid Of Expired Makeup

Now I know all of us keep things past their technical sell by date. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about stuff you’ve kept for years that doesn’t even work anymore. Old, dry mascaras, foundations that are separated, primers that smell a bit… off. Trash ALL of that. Check your brushes for the raggedy ones that don’t perform their function anymore.

Sponges too. You can get a good sponge at Walmart or Target from elf that costs $6. Don’t keep those sponges longer than 3-6 months (three is supposed to be the limit, but let’s be realistic here). Personally, I’m awful about this. But every time I get a new sponge, small breakouts and clogged pores just disappear. It never feels worth it until I’ve done it.

Ask Yourself Why

Ask yourself this one question: Why am I keeping this makeup? Usually the answers are “I use it a lot,” “I love it,” “I love AND use it,” and “I want it in case I need to do something.” All of those are valid answers, you just need to decide if what you have is what you want or have the space to keep. I’d recommend keeping the fewest of the final category. Glitter for example. If you don’t do a bunch of looks with glitter or you don’t go to festivals, don’t keep all of your glitter. Sell or give it away.

NOTE: Some makeup just has sentimental value. Don’t trash it, but unless you’re displaying it just keep it elsewhere. I have a box with my sentimental makeup items (my first palette, my limited edition Lisa Frank bronzer, the cream contour kit I used on my wedding day) in a closet.

It Doesn’t Have to Go In The Trash

If you have a bunch of lightly used makeup, share with your friends and family! I keep a box of makeup that I rarely use that every time I have friends and family over they can look through the box and pull anything they want. It’s theirs, no questions. You can wash your mascara wands and donate them twice a year to Wands for Wildlife. Have something you’ve never touched and never will? See if you have a local women’s shelter handy that will take it. Be creative and it doesn’t all have to go in the trash!

Storage Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Your makeup storage is not required to be expensive. My makeup drawers cost about $10 for a three drawer set. I have my lipsticks in a box from Michael’s. Brushes are stored in a couple of glass jars and vases I had handy. My nail polish is in a small plastic bin! If you don’t like the look of the plastic, just get some spray paint, washi tape, or decorative duct tape and have fun.

My vanity actually came from Facebook marketplace. Paid $40 for it, and it’s all real wood that I just need to sand down and refinish. I don’t even really have to do that, it’s just because I think it’ll be prettier that way.

I hope these tips helped you figure out some fun ways to handle spring cleaning your makeup collection! How do you store and curate your collection? Let me know in the comments!

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