5 Tips for Wearing Makeup During Allergy Season

Spring is coming! Down here in the South we had an extremely mild winter, so most of our foliage is beginning to bloom. And that means that allergies are going to be hitting harder, earlier in 2020.

Of course, it wreaks havoc on your makeup as well! I’ve spent a lot of time on makeup before only to end up with watery eyes melting off my eyeliner, my foundation coming off on tissues blowing my nose, and other unpleasant issues.

So what are you to do when it’s allergy season but you still want (or need) to wear makeup?

Waterproof Everything

Wearing waterproof makeup (particularly eye makeup) will make a huge difference when you’re dealing with watery eyes. Just make sure you test things out, just because your favorite brand has a waterproof mascara doesn’t mean it’s the same formula. And if you find a good waterproof setting spray, it’ll help with keeping your foundation on your nose when you sneeze or blow your nose.

Some really solid setting sprays are the Fit Fix from Makeup Obsession, or the Urban Decay one! And Essence has really solid mascaras, even the waterproof ones.

Color Correcting

If you have redness around your eyes or nose, using a green color corrector. Using a green color corrector under your foundation/concealer will help balance out the excess redness. On top of that, if you have allergy related dark circles, a yellow or peach color corrector can balance those out as well.

Personally, I swear by the LA Girl color correctors. But anything that’s a bit more concealer-y than creme product will likely do what you’re looking to do. DON’T use powder products, your concealer will not sit well on it.

Try an Eye Cream

Using some kind of eye cream can really work wonders on puffiness or irritation, as well as the allergy based dark circles.

If you have mild puffiness and really bad dark circles, the Garnier Anti-Dark Circle eye roller is a good choice. I only have dark circles, so I use my holy grail, Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff to reduce them. If you’re more puffy than dark, the Dr. Brandt Needles No More No More Baggage under eye cream will be your best friend.

Get Smudgy

Using a smudgy eyeliner, a water proof eyeliner, or simply using dark eyeshadow instead can make a huge difference. If your eyes itch during allergy season, you’ll likely rub them or put drops in them: which can really mess up eyeliner. If your eyeliner is smudgy on purpose, no one will even notice!

Colourpop’s creme gel liners are very smudgy, as are most soft pencil liners.

Statement Lippie and Glasses

If you’re like many people who wear contacts regularly, you may find that allergy season requires you to wear glasses. If you’re doing that, then maybe try a subtle look with concealer and mascara behind your glasses, color correcting, and then a bold, statement lip to bring attention somewhere aside from your puffy eyes or red nose!

What are your top tips for wearing makeup during allergy season? Tell us in the comments.

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