My Top 5 Favorite Makeup YouTubers

The beauty community is FULL of influencers. That’s just a fact. There are so many different kinds of influencers in general, with different audiences and goals.

The kinds of influencers that you prefer will vary greatly based on your personality and theirs! This is kind of a round up of some of my favorite beauty influencers, their style, and why I love them so much.


Most Common Video Types: vlogs, skincare favorites, GRWM
Beauty Concerns/Skin Type: normal skin, thin, fine hair, dark circles

Dani’s channel focuses on makeup and skincare primarily, and she does a lot of ‘GRWM’ videos. She also vlogs regularly and talks about style, home, her pets, and her blended family.

She is a mom, so her tutorials don’t lean towards ‘full glam, full coverage’ looks. Many of her looks are super natural on the skin with smoky, fun eye looks. Dani is super enthusiastic and happy, with a great sense of humor.

emilynoel83 aka The Beauty Broadcast

Most Common Video Types: product reviews, tutorials, vlogs
Beauty Concerns/Skin Type: normal skin with dry patches, melasma

Emily is without a doubt the sweetest, most real YouTuber I’ve ever seen. Her focus is on making sure that people know whether or not a product is good quality, and helping you find the best quality for your money. She makes makeup approachable from start to finish.

She does vlog sometimes, sharing recipes, fun snacks, kids toys and clothing, and lots of the antics of her husband and three kids.


Most Common Video Types: makeup reviews and tutorials
Beauty Concerns/ Skin Type: oily skin, acne

Soph is probably one of my favorite YouTubers right now. She’s British, with a dry sense of humor that I appreciate. She loves doing makeup from lighter to full glam. Most of her videos are testing videos where she tests out popular makeup and gives her thoughts.

Denitslavia Makeup

Most Common Video Types: Makeup tutorials
Beauty Concerns/Skin Type: dry skin and acne/scarring

Deni is all tutorials all the time. Her looks tend to vary from really super bright colors that aren’t very day-to-day wearable to easy eye looks for everyday. She’s super sweet and cute, and honestly her voice combined with her accent makes for an enjoyable time listening to her.

She uses a great combination of drugstore and high end products, which is extremely approachable, and is great to go to if you want to learn more techniques or need to learn to do an eye look for an event.

One other important thing to note is that Deni’s videos tend to be shorter than many of the others on this list.

Jessica Braun

Most Common Video Types: Makeup reviews, dupes, and declutters
Beauty Concerns/Skin Type: normal skin and dry undereyes

Jessica is likely the newest addition to this list. She does all sorts of beauty and lifestyle videos from makeup dupes to Amazon favorites. Her specialty is a more ‘barely there’ makeup style, which really helps me build skills that I don’t already have. Her declutter videos are some of my favorites as well, and she has great dupes videos!

Bonus: LearningToBeFearless

Alex from this channel was one of the first beauty influencers that I ever found! While I don’t watch much of her videos anymore (she’s shifted from being makeup focused to being more lifestyle/vlog focus), I still have a special place in my heart for her videos and content.

So that’s it! My top 5 favorite YouTubers! What are your favorites? Did they make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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