Using Color to Make Your Eyes Pop

Color theory can be really helpful in making the colors of your eyes really pop! Using color theory and just experimentation you can find what works best for you.

Now, I think you should wear any eyeshadow or eyeliner colors that you want. But if you’re trying to set your eyes up as the focus, it can sometimes help to know what colors would work best.

Without further ado, find your eye color and get some color!

Blue Eyes

One of the most stunning colors I’ve seen on blue eyes is coral. Orange/coral/peach shades will contrast beautifully with blue eyes since orange is opposite blue on the color wheel. The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is a stunning color choice for any sort of look for blue eyes! Ace Beaute’s Grandiose palette is also a gorgeous option. Morphe’s 35H has a stunning selection of corals and maroons too.

On the same idea, pink is a great neutral shade for blue eyes. Champagne pinks and other pinky nudes are a great selection for a more neutral eye look that can set off blue eyes. The elf Cosmetics Bite Sized palette in Rose Water is a great option for these shades.

Silver is also a great option. A dark grey-black smokey eye with silver glitter or shimmer will make blue eyes stand out dramatically, particularly light blues. The Revolution x Soph Extra Spice palette has gorgeous black and silver shades.

Green Eyes

Green eyes look great against purples since it’s opposite green on the color wheel. Go for reddish purples such as red violet. Purples can also be a great base for a smokey eye look.

My go-to purple palette is the Morphe 35P, but for something smaller try the Morphe 9L, Colourpop’s Lilac You A Lot, or Juvia’s Place The Violets. If you prefer high end, try Urban Decay’s Ultraviolet, Huda Beauty’s Lilac Obsessions, or the Norvina Vol. 1.

With that, just straight red is stunning on green eyes. Try a deep garnet or maroon shade to provide some contrast to your rare green eyes. Huda Beauty’s Ruby Obsessions would be a good option here, or the Colourpop Main Squeeze palette.

Gold and Bronze look stunning with green eyes. Earthy shades can provide some compliment to green without blending in with them! This goes double for eyeliner. Try a brown eyeliner instead of black and see how it makes your eyes more defined!

Brown Eyes

Brown can be a bit on the tricky side. It’s hard to find good contrasting colors. Many recommendations are just ‘wear brown eyeshadow,’ but that can get boring!

While earthy tones like bronze and gold can flatter brown eyes, we want to find some more color for our brown eyed babes. For a neutral eye look, try a silver or taupe based look to give your eyes a beautiful base to shine against. Colourpop has a stunning taupe palette that would be great, or their Stone Cold Fox palette for more options

Purples are a fairly standard go to- as they’re universally flattering. Cool purples are a great choice for brown eyes, they contrast warm browns.

But a surprising choice is blue/teal. Bright blues and teals tend to be very cool toned as well, contrasting with warm brown eyes. Try the Morphe 35H here as well, the greens and blues make great statement shades.

If your eyes tend towards the darkest browns, bright colors/neons will contrast that darkness beautifully.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have it easy in some ways. Usually what you want to do is choose what color in your eyes that you want to emphasize and go from there.

So for green, you’ll want to use dark green shadows like the Makeup Revolution Jewel Obsessions Emerald Palette. Or for brown, use browns, golds, or bronzes. If you use gold or bronze, use gilded, shimmery shadows that will emphasize the lighter parts of your eyes. Ace Beaute’s Vintage Dawn palette is a great choice across the board.

A more surprising choice is pink and fuchsia shades. The bright pinks contrast hazel eyes and bring the overall effect of your eyes (rather than one or two colors).

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are extremely fun to work with! Using warm tones such as violet, orange, and red are gorgeous against cool grey. The different colors will make your eyes lean more toward one tone or another. Orange tones will make them look more blue, red/violet tones more green.

You can also opt for steel/black/grey smokey eyes to make grey eyes look stunning. Also using navy blues can make light grey eyes really pop!

Did you see your eye color? Let me know what your favorite eye popping look is!

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  1. oliveunicorn

    Extremely dark brown eyed girl here , neons and bright colors definitely work best to make my eyes pop . Too many browns on my lid tend to make me look odd . But I do like using silvers and taupes when I want to do a more neutral look .

    1. Chelsea

      I used to have eyes that color but they lightened up before I started wearing makeup haha thank you so much for your input though! I’ll have to edit the post to reflect that when I get to my laptop again

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