Walmart Haul October 2019

Anyone who says your local Walmart can’t come through on makeup definitely needs to check one out! While I definitely have some favs that I can’t get outside of an Ulta or Sephora, local drugstores are an under-loved place for great makeup.

Just check out these gems!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Lip Treatment in Tickled Pink

This one surprised me. I grabbed this after seeing it in a couple of recent Youtube videos (I think it was this one from Jessica Braun). But it’s basically a tinted chapstick. This sheer pink went beautifully on my lips and kept them nourished through the day. It’s like a ‘purse gloss’ but better. This line of balms add just a little bit of color to your lips and make you look a little more put together. They don’t last super long, but they aren’t really meant to. Like chapstick, you need to reapply.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Dewy Blush Elixr in Gorgeous Peach

This was a great buy! It’s a nice formula for beginners with liquid blush. Again, I found this thanks to the video linked above from Jessica Braun. One tip: you don’t need much! It’s perfect for those ‘no makeup makeup’ days. Or if you prefer the look of cream products! It’s a stunning deep peach that can suit an array of skin tones. Overall a good buy for a first liquid blush, I’m excited to work with this more.

elf Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer

I’m super behind on this, but I’m really glad I grabbed it. It’s been out of stock for months everywhere, and I only just started seeing it again. This is such a neat formula of primer, and it works better for filling in pores than any of the primers I have on hand currently. And for the price? Extremely worth it. My makeup looks smooth and airbrushed whenever I use this primer. And it doesn’t take too much either. My skin feels super nourished, which it never does with the silicone based grip primers. And my makeup lasts forever as well.

Burt’s Bees Lavender and Honey Lip Butter

Usually, I try to keep something pretty nourishing in my bathroom for when I just feel like I need some chapstick. This seemed to fit the bill! Burt’s Bees is a great brand for lower price higher quality chapstick. This lip butter smells like lavender, but a natural lavender. To me, it does have a sort of dirt smell undertone, but I’ve come to understand that I end up translating a lot of natural lavender smells that way. There’s not much scent or flavor of the honey in there, but it’s almost an undertone of sweetness to the rest. Good nighttime and early morning balm.

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit lipstick in Video Vixen

Yes, I know, I have so many lipsticks in this shade. There’s no reason for me to get more deep vampy berry lippies, but they all look slightly different! I’ve not had stellar results with this formula in the past, but I try not to judge by one shade. This one – so far- has done fairly well. It’s not the best formula I have in this color family, but it wears well if you’re not going to be eating or drinking. It’s also a little bit more nourishing than my Maybelline Superstay lipstick. Not terrible, but not my favorite either.

What gems have you found at your local Walmart or drugstore? Let me know in the comments!

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