Why I Blog

Blogging is something that’s really close to my heart. Writing is something that I’ve always loved, but I always preferred fiction rather than stuff like this.

However, back when my husband and I moved to a new town back in April of 2018, we knew like 3 people here. It was awful, I didn’t have a job, a car, or any friends. So I started watching beauty Youtube videos to fill my time, and practiced my makeup for fun.

Over time, I got really inspired to do a Youtube channel. However, there were a lot of challenges with recording and lighting and supplies, because money was an issue. So I ultimately decided to write blogs instead.

Another factor that encouraged me to write a blog was my growing interest in makeup subscription boxes. I’d tried Birchbox and Ipsy before the move. After we moved, I tried Boxycharm and loved it. My first makeup post was actually about reviews for my first Boxycharm!

From there I began to grow my makeup collection, try new skincare products, and write about the whole adventure.

Now, I’ve begun to really work on my content’s quality, regular posting, and general improvement for growth. I’m super proud of myself for keeping up with a semi-regular posting schedule, and working as hard as I have on this. I always have ideas, but this is the kind of long term artistic commitment that I’ve always struggled with.

What would you like to see more of from me? Let me know in the comments!

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