Why You Should Wear Lip Liner

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One of the biggest makeup mistakes many people make is not wearing lip liner. Often it’s misunderstood to just be a bit extra. Nice, but not necessary. However, for many lipsticks, a good lip liner can make all the difference in the world.

Your Lipstick Won’t Bleed or Feather

If you’ve ever put on a lipstick and later on found it outside of the lines of your lips, you’ve experienced bleeding or feathering. Lipsticks in bold colors such as plum, red, and maroon, or fun colors like black, blue, or green, are fairly prone to doing this. Some formulas can hold without any feathering or bleeding, even once you eat, but a lip liner can prevent it entirely.

Lipsticks Last Longer

Speaking of eating with lipstick on, this is much easier with lip liner! Wearing lip liner makes it a lot less likely that a lip stick will come off completely when eating a meal. Most of the time, you simply need a quick touch up afterwards.

Lipstick formulas such as glosses and other high shine formulas also tend to last longer with a lip liner too. The product doesn’t wear off as easily or quickly.

Overlining Your Lips Is Easier

If your lips are small, uneven, or you just like the look, many people over line their lips to make them appear larger. A lip liner helps you get a more even, clean line for the edge of their lips, even if it’s a little beyond the lips.

Tips to Wear Lip Liner Well

Lip liner can be difficult to work with as there has been quite a bit of conflicting information about it. Here are some tips to help you get the process down!

  • Match your lip liner with your lipstick
  • Exfoliate before putting lip liner on
  • Brush highlighter on your cupid’s bow for a more defined look
  • Bronzer under your bottom lip can simulate a poutier look
  • Blend your lip liner gently with a lip brush to make it look more natural.

Do you wear lip liner? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!