Yes Oh Yas July 2019

It’s that time again! Subscription box time!  Yes Oh Yas is a monthly box where you get 3-7 full sized products for $14.99. This month’s has been great so far!

Update: Yes Oh Yas has been dissolved as of December 2019

Bodyography Long Wear Eye Pencil in Deep Violet

This pencil was nowhere as awesome as I expected. It swatched beautifully, but didn’t last long in my waterline. It bled out too, leaving blotchy darkness under my eyes. It was kind of a mess. It had no pigment in my waterline either. I can see this being good for a smudgy sort of look outside the lashes, but overall it’s really not a stellar eyeliner.

Beauty Creations x Annette69 Palette

I am in LOVE with this palette! The colors are gorgeously pigmented both matte and shimmer. They blend beautifully too. The glitter shades along the bottom go well with the shades in the palette, and they’re so much fun to work with. My absolute favorite shade is the pressed pigment in Leo- a stunning shimmer pigmented that is absolutely blinding!

Sorme Nonstop Liquid Lipstick in Lace

This is an incredibly bright pink shade. I like that it doesn’t feel extremely drying, but it definitely doesn’t stay on as well as it claims to. I wore it on a short ice cream date with my husband and it didn’t last at all. Clearly, it’s not food proof. Or cup proof. I’m not really a fan.

Double Dare Liquid Eyeliner

I’m intrigued by this brand, as it seems to be an indie brand. The packaging is triangular, which I really like for grip. It also is dark and pigmented enough to go over a bright pressed pigment without any trouble. It didn’t pick up a ton of product either. Only thing I have against it is that it’s neither waterproof or sweatproof. I can only wear this when I’m SURE I won’t be sweating or my eyes won’t be watering. And given that I have 1) contacts and 2) allergies, that’s super rare. But someone who doesn’t have that problem would probably really enjoy this eyeliner!

Timeless Beauty Bar Up In The Clouds Sheet Mask

This mask felt very cooling when I put it on. It’s got plenty of product on it, but it doesn’t drip- allowing me to work on my computer while wearing it. There’s no strong scent, but it’s very clean. It did make my face start tingling after about 10 minutes though, so it’s probably not a repurchase for me. It doesn’t seem to have caused any other negative reactions though, so that’s good!

This was a fairly decent box. The palette honestly made the whole thing worth it for me!

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