Yes Oh Yas June 2019

I’ve missed getting makeup subscription boxes. I had to skip a couple of months thanks to money, but I got a chance to enjoy this one for June!  Yes Oh Yas is a monthly box where you get 3-7 full sized products for $14.99. I actually think I may like this month’s better than the last one!

Update: Yes Oh Yas has been dissolved as of December 2019

Appeal Cosmetics Gel Liner in Forest Green

I love this liner! My primary use for pencil liners is smudging them into and under my waterline. This pencil is perfect for this. It doesn’t bleed down to under my eyes, and is a dark enough color to show up. Green was a great color too- it’s one of the most flattering on my eyes!

Moira Wanderlust Palette

Pigment, pigment, PIGMENT. This palette has an assortment of bright, rainbow shades. Most of them are highly pigmented mattes, but there are a handful of shimmers in there too. It’s a gorgeous palette, and none of the shades I’ve used stain. The mattes blend super well too. It’d be impressive just for this, honestly.

Dirty Little Secret Baked Highlighter In Bellisima

This is an okay highlighter. Not my absolute favorite though. I’m not a fan of baked highlighters in general because they require a lot of pressure and scraping to get the product out in most cases. However, I got this in a subscription box so if I’d have purchased this I would have gotten a different shade and type (it’s a little too dark for me as well). The big problem is that all of my texture shows up. Every bit of texture on my cheekbones is blatant. Not a huge fan.

Sorme Fine Eyeliner Brush #961

This is an amazing detailled brush. It’s thin enough for a precise line, but thick enough to hold a decent amount of product. I like that it’s somewhat stiff as well, it makes it easier to get a straight line when I need one! The brush is good quality as well, and holds up well under wash. Now I can finally use my gel eyeliners!

Bella Pierre Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara

This mascara surprised me! It’s a perfect lower lashline mascara. It doesn’t smudge, and doesn’t flake under my eyes either. The wand is easy to work with for the most part, though the end of it is a bit too flexible for my preferences. It’s not a great upper lash mascara for me though, it won’t hold my curl and clumps my lashes up badly.

Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner in Black

The formula of the actual eyeliner for this is actually really impressive. It dries down matte and looks fantastic on the eyes. It glides on very smoothly. However, the brush that comes with it is really hard to work with! Partially because of the size, but partially because of the shape. It’s too large to do a neat line. It also causes the eyeliner to tug across my lids but not actually go on. If you get this, make sure you have an eyeliner brush to use it with.

This was a great box! I’m super pleased with these products, and I’m enjoying trying out new brands with this subscription.

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