Yes Oh Yas September 2019

I love my Yes Oh Yas subscription box. It’s like a gift to myself every month! This month I was really excited about the products we had coming, particularly the palette!. Yes Oh Yas is a monthly box where you get 3-7 full sized products for $14.99.

Update: Yes Oh Yas has been dissolved as of December 2019

IBY Beauty Poolside Palette

This palette is really stunning! It’s more cohesive than I initially thought. I wondered if that bottom left corner shade, the green, and the purple would fit. but they do! There are a lot of satin finishes in this palette, and a few matte transition shades. I do wish there were more standout shimmers; There are only a couple of shades that stand out on the lid. The mattes are gorgeous though, and the satins have a beautiful finish as well.

Dirty Little Secret Lip Gloss in Rose Petal

I didn’t expect to like this, but I do! I’m really discovering a love for lip gloss that I wouldn’t have expected of myself. This color has a pink-berry tint, but it’s not full color so it goes well on top of many lip colors. It also looks stunning alone. It’s super comfortable and not extremely sticky; surprisingly great formula overall.

Luna by Luna Highlighter in Crescent

This baked highlight looks very natural on my skin. It’s a white/champagne shade and looks super subtle. I’m not usually a ‘subtle’ sort of person when it comes to highlight, but I definitely like this one. It’s perfect for those days when I’m feeling like doing more natural makeup.

Z Skin Cosmetics Age Defying Hydroxy Skin Mask

Another product that I didn’t think I was going to like is this mask. It’s not my first choice for a mask (It’s feels like a moisturizer, and not in a good way), but I do like the results. My face felt tighter but also moisturized somehow. I also think it somewhat helped the minor breakout I’ve been having as well. Overall it was a fairly good product but not my absolute favorite either.

INM Cosmetics Velveteen Dream Shadow in Go Gaga

This was my least favorite product in the box. I have several eyeshadows in this shade, and it’s a really weird texture. If I have eyeshadow singles like that, I’m going to get standout, shimmery, glittery shades. This is more of a satin finish, but not much of anything other than that. It’s a bit blah and the pigment isn’t very good either. It honestly feels like a dark blue highlighter more than anything else.

Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstick in Mauve

I like everything about this aside from the shape of the actual lipstick. It’s difficult to get on the lips without breaking the end off, leaving chunks on the lips. The color was a beautiful, fall berry shade. It wore well for a bullet style, but was comfortable on the lips too. I’m overall really impressed and pleased! If it was just another shape it would be one of the best bullet style lipsticks I’ve ever used.

This was a great box! I’m super pleased with these products, and I’m still enjoying trying out new brands with this subscription.

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